DYNA-SEAL Elastomeric Roof Coating and Caulk DynaSeal Elastomeric Coating - 1 Gallon

DynaSeal Elastomeric Coating - 1 Gallon
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DynaSeal Elastomeric Coating - 1 Gallon

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DYNA-SEAL is a multi-purpose elastomeric coating used from the roof to the foundation. It is a clear elastomeric roof coating or roof sealant that adheres to asphalt shingles and other roof materials. (Not for use on EPDM rubber). Use as a waterproof coating for many materials that require a waterproofing or a protective coating. It will stop a leak on contact, it can be applied on wet surfaces in below freezing temperatures.

Use on concrete, brick, block, and stone surfaces as: chimneys, foundations, sills, retaining walls, storage tanks, catch basins and other non-trafficked surfaces. DYNA-SEAL seals and rust proofs all metal surfaces and will clear coat copper. It also seals and waterproofs wood, asphalt surfaces, marble, ceramic tile, fiberglass, plastics, and glass.  Click here for a Product Information Sheet

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